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Call a Doc + Discount Card

Teledoc, Medical Health Advisor, Medical Bill Saver, Dental, Vision & Prescription Discount Card 

Six great benefits for just $12 a month!  Details here.

Six great products for only $12 a month!


  • Call a Doc: Call a doctor (US-based) anytime, & get a prescription written, if needed. No consult fee when you call...no kidding!


  • Medical Health Advisor: Confused and frustrated by medical care, paperwork, insurance? Take hours off your "to do" list by calling your personal Advisor to figure it out for you.


  • Medical Bill Saver: Medical bills, bills, bills…who can keep it all straight?! Just send them to your new Advisor, they'll organize it all AND try to negotiate a discount - savings you time and money.


  • Dental: Get amazing dental discounts on everything from cleanings to braces to whitening at over 132,000 providers!


  • Vision: We see your future, and you're getting vision discounts on everything from brand-name eyewear, LASIK, contacts, exams (BTW, you look great in your new designer frames).


  • Prescriptions: Have an Rx drug that's expensive or not covered? Use your prescription discounts and save an average of 42% at most pharmacies nationwide including CVS and Walgreens.







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