What is an exchange?

An online marketplace for benefits 



Using an exchange is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Enrolling in benefits just got simple

Browse the Store 

Shop for high-quality plans from top insurance companies competing for your business. Qualify for lower rates and out-of-pocket costs. Compare government-sponsored and private plans side-by-side. The buying power of our nationwide network gives you the best value. 

Make Your Selections 

Simple, better choices. Personalized plan recommendations. Benefits explained in everyday language. Interactive decision 

tools and calculators. Benefit app and online benefit managment system. Health Reform compliance. Business services like payroll, COBRA, and more. 

Enroll Online 

Health Insurance companies can't turn you down or charge you extra for pre-exisiting conditions, claims, gender, or profession. One-stop-shop for all your low-cost benefits. Access to our nationwide team of experts for help. Quick and easy online enrollment.   

Who can use an exchange?

You cannot be turned down or charged extra for health conditions, claims or gender. Pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, and Essential Health Benefits are always covered. Premiums and out-of-pocket expenses (like deductibles, copays) are on a sliding scale based on your income so it's affordable. Policies are from top, private insurance companies. Shop for other products, too - like dental, vision and more.

You cannot be charged higher rates because of health conditions, claims, gender, or profession. Pre-existing conditions and pregnancy are always covered. You might qualify for a Small Business Tax Credit for offering insurance to your employees. We'll set up a custom online store for your business and invite your employees to build low-cost, customized benefit packages. You tell us exactly how much you want to spend on employee benefits. Get access to all the exchange administration, technology, and services.

Pay or play? Use our calculators and financial tools to see if it's better for your business to offer insurance or pay the penalty starting in 2015. The exchange will handle all your Health Reform calculations, reporting, and employee notifications. You determine exactly how much you want to spend on employee benefits, which saves most employers 10-30% in the first year. Employees build personalized benefit portfolios.  Save time and money with exchange administration, technology, and services. 


How does it help?


Learn more about the value of working with an exchange

Spend less time and shop when it's convenient for you

Lower cost benefits; plans priced based on income

Compare government-sponsored and private plans side-by-side 

Health Reform education, advice, reporting & calculations

Easy online enrollment - you can't be penalized for pre-existing conditions

Top Insurance Companies

competing for your business

 Customized technology, services, & administration for businesses

Access to top benefit specialists & Health Reform experts nationwide

Fun, interactive decision tools to help you build a perfect benefit portfolio

24/7 information from online systems, tools, calculators, and smartphone apps 

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